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A group of creative and young tourism professionals’ commitment to contribute to Nepalese tourism, provide personal care to each tourist and establish itself as an event manager was the culmination of Nepal Travel & Events. Tens of years of experience in Nepalese tourism- be it tour guides, to Mt. Everest summiteer, ticket specialist to trekking Sherpa, we are there to make each of your minute in Nepal a wonderful time. Write us over emails, sms, facebook, twit us or just phone us your interest. We will contact you to make your holiday a dream.

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Nepal is a country with great potentialities for tourism, keeping this in a view; Nepal Travel &...

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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Life story of Buddha and it’s importance, knowledge of Buddhist sites of NepalBuddhist culture and Tradition, exceptional Himalayan view, lake city of Pokhara, sacred temple, puskarini pond,...

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Everest Trekking Experience

Everest Base Camp Trek is the perhaps the most famous trekking tour in the world. It is famous for tens of Himalayan summits, snow-capped mountains and the Mt. Everest. The 14 day trail is for...

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Tastes of Nepal

Bouddha is one of the world’s biggest Buddhist stupas. The “Little Tibet” is the centre of Tibetan Buddhism and is inhabited by tens of thousands of refugees from Tibet. A World Heritage...

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Starting point - Charaudi Take out point - Fishling Ticket price : Rs 2000 each It takes approx 3 hours drive to sharting point Charaudi, 82 k.m from kathmandu. This exciting rafting trip hitting a few class 2 or 3 rapids called "LADISE DELIGHT" and stop for some time rest. After rest...Read More

Ropai(Ashar15)This is a one day festival falls on the month of June. From the month of June to August is a monsoon season in Nepal. Due to the agricultural country, Majority of people here depends upon agriculture. Generally, people start to plantation of rice and crops from this day by gathering in the...Read More

Fagu purnima (Holi)This is the festival of color observed for eight days. But now it is just celebrate only one day on the day of full moon in hilly region and next day in the terai region. In this festival, people play with throwing water, color and water balloons to each other. The theme of this festival is to...Read More